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Fuel Pumps and Replacement Fuel Pump Parts

Autobest electronic fuel pumps are direct replacement pumps. They meet or exceed O.E. specifications.

Autobest pumps are manufactured in one facility, allowing them to have complete control over the quality, designs, and materials used. This allows them to offer you the best fuel pump possible for your vehicle.
The products undergo as much as 2500 hours of testing. This involves checking calibration for optimal performance, peak pressure ratings, operating pressure tests, and relief valve operation tests prior to any mass production.

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Don't gamble on a fuel pump made by other companies with various components and cobbled together parts. Autobest electronic pumps features kits with the exact pieces you need, and module pumps that are ready to go out of the box.

Since most modern electric fuel pumps are in the fuel tank, replacing a pump twice is not something you want to do. That's why you want to go with an Autobest pump the first time, allowing you to get the repair done quickly, easily, and right the first time.