Useless 4×4 Technology

May 25, 2016 0

Some concepts can come with some pretty useless 4×4 technology. I’m talking about some arbitrary, extraneous, far-out, terrible ideas. So there I was, tirelessly wandering the internet in pursuit of interesting Jeep topics to cover. Then I stumble across these gems. I can’t stress enough how useless the concepts. Let’s [click to read more…]

The Best Jeep Apps Out There

May 24, 2016 0

A good app goes a long way. Some are for entertainment. Some are for utility. And some are just for fun. Today we’re sharing some of the best Jeep apps you can find out there. Now level with us – some of these can be used for non-Jeep vehicles. Some [click to read more…]

The Grandest Grand Cherokee We’ve Seen Yet

May 24, 2016 0

What an amazing SRT Grand Cherokee! This sleeper features an 88m turbo that was bored out to 103mm. Thanks to the people over at 1320video we get to see this sleek Grand Cherokee tear up the speedway and leave its competition in the dust. This Grand Cherokee Reaches 175mph+ Warning: [click to read more…]

Jeep Drowns at the Beach

May 23, 2016 0

Never a dull moment in a Jeep. If you’ve got little ones around be warned that there is some course language in this clip. We’ll give you a second to mute it before continuing. The drowning continues. Perhaps we put that “valuable lessons” post out a bit too late. It’s [click to read more…]

Wrangler JL 4 Cylinder Turbo Pics

May 23, 2016 0

We’ve got some new images of the Wrangler JL 4 cylinder turbo. Big thanks to for coming through with these. For those of you out there who are early adopters check out what you can look forward to. For others who aren’t sure what to think yet there may [click to read more…]

Cameraman Keeps Rolling When Rock Crawler Wipes Out

May 22, 2016 0

Talk about resolve. The cameraman for this clip risked serious danger by standing his ground. Especially since the rock crawler in question fell onto the cameraman’s hood and cracked the windshield. Just a few inches more could have crushed the cameraman. Have a look at the video. Warning: Bad Language [click to read more…]

Happy Armed Forces Day 2016

May 21, 2016 0

Happy Armed Forces Day everyone! Thank you for your service. Our country is great largely because of people like you. Today, in honor of Armed Forces Day we’re sharing some sweet rides like military and special edition Jeeps and armored rigs. The Kilroy The Commando Tactical Jeep The Oshkosh JLTV [click to read more…]

Toledo Plant Runs out of Steering Wheels!

May 21, 2016 0

The Toledo, OH Jeep production plant ran out of steering wheels earlier this week. This lack of materials for the Grand Cherokee and Cherokee SUVs has resulted in three straight shift cancellations. Inventory of steering wheels were depleted. They are produced by Michigan based Key Safety Systems (Mexico plant). While [click to read more…]

Mopar Making New Parts Distribution Center

May 20, 2016 0

With Jeep’s surging success Mopar is taking the ride along too. FCA recently started working to build a new 400,000 square foot parts distribution center (PDC) in Virginia. Mopar currently has 53 distribution centers around the world. The last Mopar PDC was set up in early 2015 in Mexico. We [click to read more…]

FCA Wrangler JK Recall

May 19, 2016 2

We already posted a recall alert this week! That didn’t take long at all. This time around 07-10 JK Wranglers are being recalled for potentially faulty components in the steering wheel. These could keep the air bag from deploying in an accident. Jeep Wrangler JK Recall Of the 498,985 JKs [click to read more…]

Alfa Romeo Gets Mopar Custom Parts

May 19, 2016 0

This one’s for all our Alfa Romeo owners out there… LOL! Seriously though, it looks like the Alfa Romeo Giulia has gotten its own line of Mopar aftermarket accessories. Who would have thought?! Mopar Parts for Alfa Romeo Mopar has nearly 80 parts for the Giulia. The existing aftermarket parts [click to read more…]

Bay Area Riders Restore Senior’s Jeep

May 19, 2016 0

The Bay Area Riders are motorcycle club with a big heart. After hearing of Bill Gebhardt’s whoas last month, the club decided to help. The Backstory: Mr. Gebhardt hired two men to mow his lawn. The next day the men’s girlfriends offered to clean his house. They asked to borrow [click to read more…]

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