Showing Jeep Love on Valentine’s Day

Jeep Vase with Flowers Jeep Love. It’s not uncommon if you find peace in camping, off-roading, mudding, restoring, or customizing your own little piece of American history. And it’s no secret that we love our Jeeps here at Morris 4x4 Center, so we decided to share some of our favorite Jeep memes and images. Some are sweet (it's Valentine's Day, after all!), some are funny, and some are just a nod to Jeep Life.   Jeep Couples understandCouples that jeep together keep together Smoothing things over is a breeze love-your-jeep-meme   Because they're supposed to get muddy batman-robin-muddy-jeep-meme   They can't use the excuse "I didn't know what to get you." Jeep-love-meme   When Love on the Rocks isn't always a bad thing... Jeep-Love-on-the-rocks   When you're at a light and see another Jeep owner cheers-fellow-jeep-owner   But they don't acknowledge you... no-jeep-wave-for-me   But when they do... zoolander-jeep-wave-returned   Because sometimes owning a Jeep isn't easy, but loving one is a piece of cake jeep-cake Happy Valentine's Day from Morris 4x4 Center! How do you show your Jeep love? Post pics of yourself with your Jeep and your partner to our Facebook Page!

The Jeep 2.8L Diesel: Close Look & Uses

Jeep-2.8L-diesel-engine A Jeep 2.8L diesel engine powers several overseas versions of the JK Wrangler. Because diesel engines are so popular, especially in countries outside of the U.S., it took quite a few years for us to finally get a diesel we've come to like. So let's take a closer look at the 2.8L diesel engine. Read more ...

Cherokee XJ Transmission Identification Guide

Jeep-Cherokee-XJ-Transmission Currently working on your Jeep Cherokee XJ transmission? Consider this post a cheat sheet to help you identify which one you have. It can help you determine the parts you need for your Cherokee XJ transmission project, as well as help with oil change information and regular maintenance. Read more ...

Trains Collide with Jeep, Driver Survives

Two Trains Collide With Jeep Only Minutes Apart

A very relieved and relatively well-for-the-ware train crash survivor from Walton, KY, is thanking his lucky stars. Fortunately, his Jeep was able to protect him from an initial collision with a train at around 10:40 p.m. on Monday, February 8, 2016. News reports describe that the driver ended up making contact with a train when he was unable to stop his vehicle on icy roads. For readers from the city, many rural areas don't have barricades at railroad track crossings.The vehicle finally came to halt on the track, where the first train made impact. After having been pulled from his vehicle three minutes after the impact by local law enforcement, a second train was unable to stop, and collided with the Jeep. That made for two trains crashing into a Jeep inside of six minutes. The motorist has suffered from back and chest pains, as well as a punctured lung, but has come out on top considering the initial impact and possibilities of remaining in the vehicle thereafter. Tim McCullough, the train crash survivor, was quoted "as saying The fact that I slammed into a train -- not just a vehicle, I mean a train -- and I survived? I mean, it's amazing."  

Jeep Wins Big With Superbowl Ads

2016 Jeep Superbowl Ads

You might have noticed, in between the handfuls of nachos and bouts of screaming at the quarterback, that Jeep aired a couple of pretty sweet Superbowl ads. In keeping with their traditional Superbowl ad presence since 2011, Fiat Chrysler once again illustrated the strength of the Jeep brand and its resonating permanence in the market. The first ad paid tribute to the brand’s 75 years of service, firstly with its role in the Armed Services, and thereafter to the global public and in pop culture, referencing to its presence in movies like Jurassic Park and Terminator, and in the service of American icons like Marilyn Monroe and B.B. King. Watch the commercial below.
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