Power Tank High-Performance Air System

November 30, 2016 0

One thing about Jeepin’ is that you never know what adventure lies ahead. I am not talking about the daily jaunt to work or that quick trip to the bait & tackle shop. I am speaking about getting deep in the woods, off in the desert where anything can happen. [click to read more…]

Yankee Player Pimps out his Jeep Wrangler

November 29, 2016 0

There’s nothing more exciting that getting your Jeep situated with the look you want. You know, ordering the best-looking parts, bolting on those bumpers and fender flares, maybe rolling high with a killer lift kit and some oversized tires and rims. Nothing wrong with that, right? It certainly won’t stop [click to read more…]

Vote to Support a LEGO Jeep Wrangler

November 25, 2016 0

LEGOs are just as popular today as they were years ago when they first hit the market. When I said years ago, I mean 1949. They are almost as old as the Jeep! The official motto of the Lego company is “only the best is the best.” That too sounds [click to read more…]

Jeep Crashes Through 2nd Story Garage

November 24, 2016 0

Jeeps can go just about anywhere. No doubt about that. Except sometimes they end up in a place that they should not. Swimming pools, highway barricades, or on top of police cars. Yeah, we are going to go out on a limb here and say there are a few places [click to read more…]

Jeep Wiper and Fuel Leak Recall

November 23, 2016 0

Wow, you cannot pour yourself a cup of coffee and turn on the TV without hearing about another recall from the FCA and/or Jeep. It is just more gasoline on the fire. While it is inevitable to a certain point (after all MILLIONs of Jeeps and FCA are sold around the [click to read more…]

Jeep Club Raises Awareness for Drug Addiction

November 22, 2016 0

Drug addiction is nothing new. Most of us probably don’t come in contact with it until someone in the family or a close friend fall victim to its grip. Recently a young 21-year-old died of an overdose in Belleville. Jeep Club Raises Awareness for Drug Addiction The 618 Jeep Club [click to read more…]

New Rugged Ridge Paintable Jeep Accessories

November 21, 2016 0

The folks over at Rugged Ridge continue to come out with great new products for your Jeeps JK Wranglers. You can never have enough accessories, and you can never have enough Rugged Ridge goodies to make your Jeep your own, in your style. To help get your Jeep Wrangler looking [click to read more…]

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Hybrid

November 21, 2016 0

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Hybrid Reports mention that the next generation of the Grand Wagoneer will have an option of being a hybrid model. However, it is not too much of a surprise. The all new Grand Wagoneer is being groomed to compete with other luxury SUVs, like the Porsche Cayenne, [click to read more…]

Jeep Compass Back with a Vengeance

November 21, 2016 0

Car and truck models come and go. The Edsel, the AMC Pacer, the Ford Pinto. They have all had their fifteen minutes of fame. However, don’t hold your breath that they will ever return. Some would say it is good that they are gone, some might say let’s skip the [click to read more…]

Survey Says – Jeep Wrangler Most Loved Vehicle

November 17, 2016 0

Survey Says – Jeep Wrangler Most Loved Vehicle Ask anyone about what they drive, and in many instances, they will say it their favorite kind of car, or the best truck they ever have. People get attached to their vehicles. However, according to a consumer study from a California consulting [click to read more…]

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