“New 2015 Mini Jeep Will Not Damage The Brand’s Tough Image.”

“A new mini Jeep will not damage the brand’s tough image.”

Says Jeep president Mike Manley, who also said that at least one version of its upcoming micro Jeep will be ‘trail-rated’. The new model will take on models like the Skoda Yeti and upcoming Ford EcoSport in a new sub-small SUV segment when it arrives in 2015. The new mini Jeep will be produced in both Rhd (right hand drive) and Lhd (left hand drive). Various reports had suggested the baby Jeep would be built off the same base as the Fiat Panda, but Manley said that was not the case. It will be based off a Fiat platform. Being a smaller chassis, will that entail a smaller engine as well? A lot of questions remain unanswered. Originally the mini Jeep was going to be only sold in Europe but with European sales down 35% it might be possible to see this model come to North America.

The platform was not developed for off-road work, but Jeep is spending the money to make sure it can make it a reasonable distance off road. “The base technology comes from existing platforms within Fiat. Then Fiat engineers and Jeep engineers make all of the appropriate changes to make a Jeep and that’s very important. We can do that because the way the technology has changed in the last few years in the way that we can do power take off units, how we can incorporate AWD, how we can do axle disconnects, all of those things. If we can’t make it trail-rated we won’t make it,” Manley said.  Mike Mainly seems determined to keep the Jeep spirit with this mini version, but the actual ability of the finished product will tell its true potential.




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  1. I think it may have an effect on the brand. Let’s be honest, they already have the Patriot and the Compass that are both extremely limited “Jeeps” and they have not hurt the brand sales… If the brand is moved to China to be manufactured, that will hurt them more…
    JEEP is an institution in the USA… they have been a primary part in winning wars…

    • Jeeps made in China will be sold in Asian markets only. Jeep is also looking to make Jeeps in Italy, while keeping american production going at the same time. Please read the full story A.H.

  2. Jeep is not moving to ohio! They were looking to build a plant in china for the asian market. The car jeeps hurt the brand because they dont sell but the wrangler and cherokee make up for it.

  3. I think it looks like someone merged an fj cruiser and an hummer h3. I think this will affect jeeps image a lot. I have always loved jeeps but I think I will stick with the old ones.

  4. get enough of a running start and any vehicle can make it “a reasonable distance off road”……

    keep that abomination in europe

  5. Fiat is going to destroy the american icon in the present path they are taking. They discontinued the liberty, planning to discontinue the patriot and compass but thank goodness the wrangler stays. I’m glad the cherokee is back. The mini will be a fad. I wish an american would bring ownership back to the USA.

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