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BOLT Locks

BOLT Receiver Lock, Cable Lock and Jack Mounts

Bolt locks is probably the most convenient lock you will ever use. Designed to use one key, such you existing vehicle's ignition key, you no longer have to use multiple keys to lock up your Jeep, truck, trailer, and accessories. Once you program the lock to accept your key, that's it. No other key can be used, and the lock can't ever be reprogrammed. Security at it's best!

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Why worry about taking multiple keys on a camping trip or out on the trails? Your ignition key is all you need. Lock up your gear, your spare tire, your boat trailer, all quickly and easily.

The BOLT locks are corrosion resistant, impact resistant, weather resistant, and drill resistant. The shackle strength of their locks is Grade 5, the highest grade for public and commercial use.

You work hard for your accessories and your Jeep, keep them safe and locked up. Go with the BOLT locks!