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Bully Dog Programmers and Bully Dog Tuners

Performance Tuners for Jeep and Dodge by Bully Dog

Bully Dog brings you state of the art electronics to help you get better fuel mileage, more horsepower, and allows you to get a better idea of how well your engine and vehicle are performing.

Their management devices, such as their GT Gauge Tuners, can help you monitor and tune your engine on the fly, give you visual indications, and a comprehensive display right at your finger tips.

Since 1988, Bully Dog has been a leader in the engine management business, continuously developing new products and new ideas to keep drivers in control and up to date on how their vehicle operates, and knowing how well their engine is performing.

Keep your Jeep rolling at it's optimum and peak performance with a new Bully Dog GT Gauge Tuner. More power, better gas mileage, and the best engine tuner on the market.