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Morris 4x4 Center is proud to bring you ComeUp Winches. The patented (U.S. Germany, U.K., France, etc.) Automatic CBS (Cone Brake Structure) holds firmly in full load and provides easy maintenance. The Cone Brake Structure features the Brake outside the drum that allows rapid heat dispersion. It is ideally suited to heat-sensitive synthetic ropes. Limited Lifetime Warranty for Mechanical Components and a (1) Year Warranty for Electrical Components.

We carry both series; Seal Series (9,500 pound capacity) & DV Series (9,000 ~ 15,000 pound capacity).

  • The “Seal” model designation represents its submersible capacities. Seal Series winches are at home underwater, in the mud, or on the driest land.
  • The “DV” line is characterized by its compact size, light-weight, and extreme low profile allowing it to fit in a limited space.