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ARB Differential Air Lockers
ARB Differential Air Lockers

Morris 4x4 Center brings you Air Lockers from ARB 4x4 Accessories. Created to provide 100% traction on demand, without sacrificing any of your vehicle's highway driving performance, ARB Air Lockers employ a 12 volt air compressor designed to activate (and deactivate) a solid and durable locking mechanism inside the differential.

Spartan Locker
Spartan Lockers

Morris 4x4 Center now carries Spartan Lockers. Because quality is essential to our customers but price is always a factor. Spartan Lockers give you an option you can trust.

OX Offroad Differential Lockers
OX Offroad Differential Lockers

The OX Locker works off the simple mechanism of push/pull. It locks and unlocks for your driving needs. Unlock for highway driving, lock for tough terrain and rock crawling. Locker engagement is provided by using our super durable manual shifter Jeep parts assembly. Built using billet machined aluminum and steel components.

  Auburn Differential Lockers
Auburn Gear Differential Lockers

For 48 years Auburn Gear Inc. has been the leader in performance limited slip differentials. Our unique cone style differential provides more bias torque as compared to any other limited slip brand. The Auburn ECTED Max locking differential is a SELECTABLE limited slip to a full locking differential.

Powertrax differential Locker
Powertrax Differential Lockers

Morris 4x4 Center Brings you Differential Lockers from Powertrax. Lock-Right is known for its ease of installation. In most applications, the complete installation takes less than two hours. No special tools or oils are required. Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install the Lock-Right with common tools.

  Auburn Differential Lockers
Eaton Performance Detroit Trutrac Limited Slip Differential

The Detroit Truetrac was the first type limited slip differential in the industry. The patented design of parallel axis planetary helical gears provide a quiet, automatic splitting of torque. Power transfer goes literally unnoticed by the driver, even in front wheel drive axles! The Truetrac performs like an open differential under normal driving conditions and automatically transfers torque to the wheel with better traction when ground conditions warrant.

Detroit Locker Differentials
Detroit Locker Differential

This Detroit Locker provides maximum traction for off-road or racing use. The heavy-duty case deliver a 100% torque to both tires and offers a dramatic increase in strength. The Detroit Locker works by locking while under power and unlocking when you let off the gas, allowing you to turn.

  Eaton Locking Differentials
Eaton Locking Differentials

The Eaton E-Locker is an electronic push button selectable locker . It goes from open to spool with just the push of a button, no air lines to leak or cables to get hung up on. 12 Volt power is all that's required.

Yukon Lockers
Yukon Gear & Axle - Lockers

Morris 4x4 Center brings you the Yukon Grizzly Locker. These Differential Lockers are the ultimate in locking differentials for street, off-road, & drag racing. Grizzly Lockers provide 100% power to both tires, while still allowing for disengagement while negotiating turns.

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  VIAIR Lockers
VIA Air LocIRker Actuation

Morris 4x4 Center brings you Viair's 450C Constant Duty Mount System (Mount with Inflation Kit) which allows air locker acuation in a very compact space. Each ADA System comes complete with an onboard pressure switch, automatic coupler and a Digital Tire Inflation Kit.

Auburn Gear Pro Series Positraction

The Auburn gear limited slip uses a long-proven cone design to provide traction for performance and off-road applications. Auburn warranties their units for one year against manufacturing defects. These units are non-rebuildable. All Auburn Gear positractions come with a bottle of friction modifier.


Locker Differentials give you the ability to switch your jeep into extra traction when you decide. Your riding down a highway and you know you won't need it but if you end up on rough terrain flip the switch and add extra traction. Morris 4x4 Center offers Jeep Differential Air Lockers, Shifters and Covers from trusted brands like OX, ARB, Auburn Gear and Powertrax, ease of installation and quality products. Your prepared for everything else so why not add Differential Air Lockers to your bag of tricks and kick your Traction up a notch, trail ready, safe and reliable.