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Jeep Engine Conversions by Advance Adapters

1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ

Some Jeep owners are content with the power their Jeep provides. There are those owners that seek an extra boost, the kind of boost that can only be provided by a Chevrolet engine. However, there is more to providing your Jeep with Chevy power than simply dropping an engine under the hood. Using Advance Adapters conversion equipment will certainly get you started in the right direction.
Advance Adapters conversion equipment provides you with the parts you need to get started on converting your Jeep to run on a Chevy Engine. These parts include: the engine mount, bellhousing adapter, radiator and a other components. This equipment is made for the Jeep Cherokee XJ with Peugeot BA10/15 , Asin AX15 and Asin AX5 transmissions. There is even equipment available for automatic transmissions.

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