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Are you are looking for economical Jeep lift kits to accommodate larger tires and give your Jeep that aggressive look while maintaining full on-road capabilities? Maybe you should consider a complete off-road package with a long arm lift system allowing you to traverse and crawl through virtually any terrain? Maybe you are looking for an in between mid-rise Jeep Lift Kit good for off-road as well as on-road handling? You can find everything you need here at Morris 4x4 Center your Jeep Parts and Accessories Specialist. Check out our selection of quality Suspension Lift Kits and Body Lift Kits by Rubicon Express, Skyjacker and Rough Country. For more great Jeep Cherokee lift kits and Jeep Wrangler lift kits look at top brands Warrior and Performance Accessories.

How to Choose your Jeep Suspension and Jeep Body Lift Kits

What Jeep Lift System is Right for me?

Bigger tires can give your Jeep a more aggressive look and better traction off road. But, depending on your particular application you can only increase to a certain point before you need a either a Suspension Lift Kit or a Body Lift Kit to raise the vehicle to achieve that high-riding, aggressive look. There are basically two ways to accomplish this.

Jeep Body Lift Kits

These raise the body of the Jeep off the frame; this increases clearance in the wheel wells and allows for larger tires. Body Lift Systems are an inexpensive way to accommodate larger tires without changing the factory suspension, steering geometry or ride. Drawbacks to body lifts can include loss of body to frame rigidity, radiator alignment and the vehicle’s frame becoming more visible. These issues become more problematic as body lift height increases. Keep in mind, a body lift system DOES NOT increase frame to ground clearance for off-road purposes.

Body Lift “Pucks”

Body Lift Kits usually consist of 1” to 3” spacer “pucks” that go between the body and the frame and longer bolts to accommodate them. The factory body mount bushings are usually retained.

Extended Cab Bushings

Unique 1” lift body mount bushings are now available for most Jeep applications. These durable urethane units completely replace the soft, often worn out, factory rubber body mount bushings. Since they are one piece, they do not encounter the same flex issues associated with placing spacer “pucks” on top of existing bushings. These innovative systems are often the perfect answer to getting just a little more tire clearance without much sacrifice.

Jeep Suspension Lift Kits

These are designed with the Jeep owner in mind who requires more off-road capability, not just tire clearance.

Spacer Lift Kits

These Kits are the perfect choice when only a little suspension lift is needed. These kits include Coil Spring Spacers between ¾” and 2-1/2” in height. Because the factory coil springs are retained, this option has little effect on ride quality. Depending on the amount of lift, the factory shocks should be replaced when installing this kind of system.

Coil Spring Lift Kits

When even more lift, or more off-road capability is desired replacement coil springs are the way to go on 1997 and newer Jeep Wranglers. Available from 2.5” all the way to 10” in lift height, these kits will get you the clearance you need. More advanced lift systems with longer control arms are also available for the maximum in off-road capability.

Leaf Spring Systems

These are used on 1987 to 1995 Jeep Wranglers and all CJ’s, which did not use coil springs. These kits consist of replacement leaf springs which have a higher arch than the factory originals, and the hardware needed for installation.

Shackle Lift Kits

Designed to be used on most vehicles which use leaf springs, these Heavy Duty Shackles are longer than the factory originals and can be used in conjunction with, or independent of, other Lift Kits.

!! Important Notice !!

Morris 4x4 Center does not recommend the combination of two or more lift systems on the same vehicle. In other words, do not use a body lift kit with a suspension lift kit. Also, do not use coil spring spacers with a kit that uses extended coil springs.

One exception is the use of slightly longer, heavy duty shackles in conjunction with a leaf spring suspension lift kit. All Jeep lift kits raise the vehicles center of gravity and proper precautions should always be taken while driving. All Lift Systems should be installed professionally.

If you want to raise your Jeep to achieve that lifted look, or are intending to do some serious off-road trailing, we’ve got the parts and knowledge to get you back on the trail. Choose from a selection of aftermarket lift kit brands like Rancho, Skyjacker, and Rough Country to lift your suspension to new heights.

About Jeep Lift Kits

Suspensions contribute to a Jeep's handling and braking, as well as keeping the people in the vehicle comfortable from bumps and obstructions in the road. Lift kits raise the ride height of your Jeep, giving you more ground clearance.

If you plan on using your Jeep for off-road excursions, you’ll definitely want to look into getting the proper Jeep lift kit. Morris 4x4 Center houses some of the best suspension lift kits made specifically for your Jeep Wrangler (JK, TJ, YJ), Grand Cherokee (ZJ, WJ), or Liberty. The list goes on - you can choose from several lift kits for Jeeps, no matter what model or year.

Lift Kits can give your Jeep a new look or make it more off road worthy, whatever your motivation is Morris 4x4 Center, your Jeep parts and accessories specialist, carries a full line of Jeep Lift Kits. We carry only the best Jeep Lift Kit Brands for the true Jeeper that is always looking for reliability, durability and quality. Off Road or just a Rugged Look a lift kit changes your jeep in many ways, now when your rock crawling you can over the biggest rock obstacles. If you're not leaving the concrete jungle than lift kit will make heads turn as you drive by the neighborhood.

Take a look at our Lift Kits and decide which one is right for you today.

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