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Hella Lighting Wiring Harnesses

Choose the perfect wiring harness for your vehicle from Hella to tie your lights together. Hella offers a variety of options to choose from that coincide with the lighting kit model. More than one wiring harness option is available that is included in the Rallye 4000 lamp kit. There are other options that go along withr the Rallye 3000 & FF Series that are specifically designed for them. The high performance wiring harness is a complete, custom wiring system is designed for bumper installation of two auxiliary lights. For other lights and accessories, check out our full line of Jeep Lights.

  • High quality, heavy duty OEM design.
  • Fully insulated and sleeved for maximum performance and safety.
  • Installs in less than an hour.
  • Specifically designed for specific series lamps

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