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Performance Distributors now offers the D.U.I. (Davis Unified Ignition) for AMC engines. The AMC D.U.I. is a one-piece ignition system with the coil in the distributor cap and the module inside the distributor. The D.U.I. Coil produces 50,000 volts and allows spark plug gaps to be opened up to .050" - .055". The Performance Distributors Dyna-Module has more electronic dwell time in it to give the coil more saturation time and produce a hotter spark. The D.U.I. distributor eliminates the ballast resistor that is used on the stock AMC ignition system. This will allow full alternator voltage through the ignition system and will provide a stronger spark and more power.

The AMC D.U.I. is a real work of craftsmanship and although it is uniquely designed, replacement parts are easy to find. High Energy Ignition (H.E.I.) replacement parts will fit right on the D.U.I. These parts can be found at any local auto parts store.

Davis Unified Ignition recommends the use of Autolite Platinum Spark Plugs found below.

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