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Mud Terrain Tire - Dick Cepek

Jeep Wheel Sizes: 15, 16 and 17, 18 and 20 inches

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Dick Cepek - Crusher

Jeep Wheel Sizes: 15, 16 and 17 inches

The Dick Cepek Crusher Jeep Tires features an Unique Tread Pattern, Tough PowerPly 3-Ply Sidewalls, Functional Skull and Cross Bone Sidebiters.

  • 3-Ply Sidewalls / 6-Ply Tread for Superior Off Road Toughness
  • Self Cleaning High-Void Tread Lugs for Traction in Mud & Snow
  • Deep Shoulder Lugs Provide Aggressive Traction & Bold Looks
  • Unique Tread Pattern with Aggressive Tread Lugs
  • Extra Wide Footprint and Non-Directional Tread Pattern With Different    Size Lugs for Added Traction & Noise Control
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    Dick Cepek - Mud Country

    Jeep Wheel Sizes: 15, 16, 17, 18 and 20 inches

    The Dick Cepek Mud Country Jeep Tires includes accurate laser cut, segmented molds for ideal uniformity and coiling wound nylon over wraps.

  • 3-ply Sidewalls with Cross-ply Technology for Better Handling,     Increased Puncture and Tear Resistance
  • Stepped Tread Blocks for Ultimate Tread Cleaning Characteristics
  • Extra Wide Footprint for Better Traction and Even Wear
  • Siped Tread Lugs for Better Grip on Smooth Surfaces and Ice
  • High Load Ratings on SLT Sizing for Greater Towing Capabilities
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  • Jeep Tires Dick Cepek

    Dick Cepek - Fun Country

    Jeep Wheel Sizes: 15, 16, 17, 18 and 20 inches

    The Fun Country All Terrain Tire was developed using a unique combination of design elements, technology and engineering to deliver excellent off-road traction, a quieter ride and superior durability for today's light trucks and 4x4s.

  • Wide lateral and offset tread grooves together with the larger surface area deliver excellent grip and responsive off-road traction
  • Stone ejector ribs and ultra-thin sipes resist stone retention and cracking
  • Notched shoulder edges, scalloped ribs, and an enhanced buttress design maximize off-road traction and prevent lug tearing
  • Computer optimized pitch sequence in the tread design reduces pattern noise for a quieter ride and even wear
  • New compound offers improved cut and chip protection
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