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Jeep Winch Systems by Mile Marker

Electric, Hydraulic, ATV & Utility Winches, Synthetic Rope, Front Mount & Accessories

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Electric Winches

Tough Series Jeep Winch Systems by Mile Marker
Tough Series
Electric Jeep Winches

The original electric Jeep Winch recovery systems that started it all. These Jeep Winch Systems offer efficient, potent pulling power in ranges from 6,000 up to 12,000 pounds, with a variety of motor and mounting combinations available.

8000 Series
Electric Jeep Winches

The quickest and most reliable 8000 pound winches in the industry. Sporting very fast line speeds, a powerful series wound motor, and an anodized aluminum hawse fairlead. These winches are essential for overland explorers and competition rigs seeking to quench their adventurous thirst.

ES Series
Electric Jeep Winches

Mile Marker's all new Project ES (Element Sealed) winches feature best in class line speeds, corrosion proof construction, submersible solenoids with marine-grade connections, and have 19 watertight seals to conquer every element imaginable.

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Mile Marker Hydraulic Winches

75 Series Jeep Winch Systems by Mile Marker
Hydraulic Jeep Winches

The 75 Series Winch by Mile Marker the Hydraulic Winch of choice for those Jeep owners who prefer not to upgrade their Factory Power Steering Pump. With a simple adapter kit installation is a breeze and you'll be off hitting the trails with a top quality winch system.

H Series Jeep Winch Systems by Mile Marker
Hydraulic Jeep Winches

The H-Series Hydraulic Jeep Winch line offers the most versatility in mounting and installation options. With a completely independent solenoid control valve and multi-directional motor positions, the H-Series is the professional choice for a custom recovery system application.

HI-Series Jeep Winch Systems by Mile Marker
Hydraulic Jeep Winch Systems

The HI-Sereies Hydraulic Jeep Winch comes with the solenoid control valve factory mounted to the winch, allowing for a more efficient installation. This outfit is designed to be installed with a permanent location in mind.

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Mile Marker ATV & Utility Winches

Utility Tough Series Winch Systems by Mile Marker
Tough Series Utility
Electric Winches

Mile Marker's UTILITY TOUGH SERIES recovery systems have covered from the trail, to the trailer, and from the clay to the construction site. These utility winches have infinite uses, and you can count on them to get the job done over and over again.

VMX2.5 Series
Electric Jeep Winches

Mile Marker's ATV/UTV winches provide premium performance in line speed and braking. The new platform will better accommodate mounting systems with its center focused drum, and with MiFi Technology, you can experience the precision and safety of variable speed control without any of the moving parts of traditional solenoids.

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Mile Marker Winch Accessories & Mounting Systems

Mile Marker Winch Accessories
Winch Accessories

Conquering the off-road paths of the world can prove to be a tough adventure. Count on thes Mile Marker Accessories, like the complete Winch Accessory Kit, to level the playing field while protecting yourself, your vehicle, and your winch.

Mile Marker Synthetic Rope
Synthetic Rope & Replacement Cable

Mile Marker's new synthetic rope assemplies feature abrasion proof Samthane coating, as well as ten feet of sliding nylon sheathing to take on heavy abrasion and provide outer layer UV protection. The Replacement Cable w/ Hook is recommended at the first sign of stranding to stay safe.

Mile Marker Front Mount Receivers
Front Mount Receivers

If you do not already have a front receiver for your Jeep we have the kit you need to utilize the Winch Cradle Mount (60-06495) by Mile Marker which allows simple and quick connect/disconnet of your winch to any 2" receiver. Here you can find a quality hitch receiver for your particular Jeep application.

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