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Jeep Bikini or Summer Tops, You Have Options

Jeep Soft Tops, You Have Options

Bikini Top, Safari Top, Duster Deck Cover and Windjammer


From October to May you need to cover up but once May rolls around it's time to put on your Jeep Bikini Top. You and your jeep have endured the cool months and now it's Bikini Top time, but do you know you have options? Whether you have a hard top or a soft top for your Jeep you can strip it away and give your Jeep a new look for the Summer.

Soft Tops w/ Options

Let's talk Bikini Top options, so you have the Bikini Top, Safari Top, Duster Deck Cover and Windjammer options. What does all this mean to you? There should be three brand you should be considering for your Jeep Top and they are Bestop, Pavement Ends and Rugged Ridge. These three company are dedicated to high quality, durable products that are priced right. You want you investment to last and fit properly therefore you have to stick to the companies that are as committed to your Jeep as you are.


As you know the Bikini Top will cover the top of the driver and front passenger the front end, which works great. The feel of the sun, the wind surrounds you but doesn't overcome. These top are great for a beach drive on a beautiful Sunday afternoon drive. Are you a surfer, the Bikini Top allows you to drop you board in the back drive to the beach and then it's grab and go!

Now that your Jeep has a Bikini Top why not add some protection for the your back seat passengers? You can do this with a Safari Top. Now you're asking yourself what's a Safari Top? Well, it's an extra large Bikini Top. The Jeep Safari Top extends to the back and protects your back seat passengers from the occasional summer rain but still allows everyone to enjoy the outdoors.

In Conclusion

For a whole different look and to tie it all in you can go with a combo look! Once you have your Jeep Bikini Top on, protect the back by adding a Duster deck cover. Not only does it give your Jeep a whole new look but it protects the rear from the elements. With the Duster on your Jeep now you have a whole new look, a Mini-Pick Up Truck with an area to store and protect your stuff. You can step it up one more notch by adding a Windjammer! The advantage of a adding a Windjammer to your Jeep Bikini Top is that now you are still enjoying the feel of the outdoors but now you have a safeguard from the wind. With the Bikini Top and the Windjammer/Duster Deck Cover Combo you have the best of both worlds, The feel and enjoyment of the Summer and a New Look for your Jeep!