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Jeep Parts and Accessories by Mean Green

1972-2004 Jeep CJ's, SJ's, Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ, Jeep Cherokee

Mean Green Starters.
Gear Reduction High Torque Starters offer nearly 100 percent more torque than stock starters. A heat-sinked and corrosion-proofed solenoid prevents overheating and prevents thermal breakdown. Mean Green Starters are 1/3 smaller in size and weight than stock. The rotating billet aluminum nose cone versions can be rotated in 20 degree increments to allow for better header clearance & protection from the heat. Provides 35,000 trouble-free torque-filled starts compared to the average of 5000 starts per stock unit. Amperage draw is less than a stock starter.

Mean Green Alternators.
If you're enjoying your favorite tunes at full volume on a serious sound system in your Jeep, lighting a trail with a row of auxiliary lights or winching yourself to safety, the Mean Green High Output Alternator can eliminate accessory failure and battery trouble. With stock alternator rated at 70-90 amps, the Mean Green Alternator cranks out up to 200 amps to provide clean, reliable power. Specially designed random pitch fan is extra quiet.

Mean Green Starter
Mean Green Alternator