Weber Carburetors

A Weber carburetor conversion kit is THE original high performance upgrade for your carbureted Jeep vehicle. It is known worldwide as one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve horsepower (up to 22%!), gas mileage (up to 20%!) and drivability.

Weber Carburetor Features:

Benefits: The higher flow rate (300-400cfm) and superior design of Weber carburetors provides better acceleration without the hesitation or inherent "flat spots" so typical of the factory Jeep carburetor. And your mileage will not suffer!
Each Kit Includes: Weber carburetor, reusable air filter, manifold adapter, mounting hardware, hoses, all necessary fittings and complete installation instructions. Additional linkage kit may be required for certain K550 applications.

Want increased performance and fuel economy from your Jeep?
32/36mm Progressive:
Redline kits utilizing the 32/36mm progressive Weber carburetors are designed to provide you with increased fuel efficiency (10-20%) while improving horsepower (up to 18%) and drivability. These kits are the optimum choice for use as a simple replacement carburetor for an old worn out, hard to maintain or stepper motor controlled factory Jeep carburetor. With today�s gas prices, these kits can pay for themselves in no time!

Want the most power out of your Jeep?
38mm Synchronous:
Redline kits utilizing the 38mm synchronous Weber carburetors should be the only consideration if the engine has or is going to have any performance modifications (headers, performance exhaust, upgraded cam, etc.). Even on an unmodified engine, these kits greatly increase horsepower and torque in the lower RPM range and will NOT �over-carb!� The ONLY sacrifice is fuel efficiency. However, these kits will NOT get less fuel economy than the factory carburetor! On a modified engine, the top end performance of the 38mm synchronous kits really comes to life, up to 22% more horsepower!

Select Vehicle for Weber Carburetor:

wrangler YJWrangler YJ
jeep cherokeeCherokee XJ
jeep cj5Jeep CJ5
jeep cj7Jeep CJ7
jeep cj8Jeep CJ8