Q: What are Aqualu's products made of?
A: All of Aqualu's products are made from 5052 marine grade aluminum alloy. The bodies themselves are constructed out of .156 (5/32).

Q: Are Aqualu's bodies stronger than the original steel bodies?
A: Yes, their aluminum bodies are considerably stronger than the original steel bodies. Our bodies are approximately 3 X's as thick and 60% stronger than the originals.

Does Aqualu make Jeep TJ Bodies?
A: They have built custom bodies that have been made to accept a TJ hood and a TJ windshield frame, the rest of the body fits on a CJ/ YJ frame and utilizes all the CJ/ YJ interior components.

Does Aqualu accept custom orders?
A: Yes, depending on the extent of the work required they can usually accommodate most requests.

Q: What does Aqualu recommend for painting your aluminum products?
A: They do not do any painting in house and send all our work out for painting or powder coating. They suggest that you contact a reputable body shop who is familiar with painting aluminum. For additional information please see the info sheet below on Painting with PPG Product's.

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