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Air & Fuel

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Air & Fuel

In order for your Jeep to get from point A to point B, two things are needed: air and fuel. Fuel is obviously necessary because you need something to burn in order to for your motor to function, and in order for there to be ignition, you need an ample supply of air. For those reasons, some of the first and most effective modifications drivers make to their Jeeps for more power are modifications to the air and fuel delivery systems.

Among the easiest and most effective way you can deliver more power from your motor is to upgrade the air intake system. This is most often done by installing a cold air intake. Cold air is denser and contains more oxygen than warm air, which in turn allows for more efficient burning of the fuel. However, if you are serious about your Jeep’s off-road capabilities, you may be less concerned with giving your rig denser air and more concerned with it getting air at all. If you are looking forward to fording a river, then installing a snorkel is probably a better way to hedge your bets. This way, even if you get into water that’s over the hood, your motor can continue to breathe fresh air until it pulls you through the predicament you’ve found yourself in.

Upgrading the fuel delivery system typically falls into two camps: whether you have a traditional carbureted system or a more modern fuel injected system. One of the biggest issues off-roaders have with carbureted systems is that they can sputter out at a steep incline due to erratic changes in the fuel ratio. This can be remedied by upgrading from a stock carburetor to a more trail-ready aftermarket part. If you fall into the fuel injector camp, then upgrading to performance parts could be a way for you to inject some serious power into your off-road game. To bring your Jeep’s performance to its highest level, look no further than the vast range of parts offered by Morris 4x4.
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