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Automatic Transmission

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Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission in your off-road rig works by utilizing a torque converter—and a staggering number of moving parts. Due to this setup, an automatic is rightly thought of as an inherently more complex system. However, the benefit of this transmission choice is that you can tear up and down the trails without ever having to press a clutch pedal.

Between all engines and transmissions is a section known as the bellhousing. In an automatic, this bellhousing contains the torque converter. The purpose of the torque converter is to provide a means to transfer your rig’s rotational energy from the engine’s crankshaft to the wheels. This is done by cycling transmission fluid in one direction, multiplying the torque produced by the motor. The transmission changes gears and avoids stalling when the brakes are applied by utilizing a complex system of gears called the planetary gear set. This system consists of a ring of gears constantly rotating around a stationary center gear that engage or disengage with the rise and fall of pressure from the transmission fluid. Most modern automatics take this complexity a step further by utilizing a compound planetary gear set which consists of two planetary gear sets in one system.

What this all means is that there are a lot of moving pieces, and therefore a lot of parts that can eventually fail. Eventually, you may even need to perform a rebuild on your transmission, calling special attention to the valves and gears in the complex system. These repairs contain headaches all their own but, luckily, you can put an end to these headaches with the aid of excellent aftermarket parts for your rig. For access to the best automatic transmission parts, look no further than Morris 4x4 Center, where you can find parts from top manufacturers whose sole purpose is to keep you out of the garage and out on the trails.
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