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Axles literally make your wheels turn, and if they go bad your performance will suffer. Axles transfer the torque from the drivetrain to your wheels. That clicking sound when you brake or corner? Excessive vibration? Increased grease on the inside edge of the tires? These are all classic tell-tale signs that something may be wrong with your axles. Excessive vibration is particularly bad as it can cause interference with ride characteristic, safety, comfort, and the handling. When this starts happening to your axles you will have to replace them. Luckily, axle replacement parts are easy enough to come by.

Over a period of time the axles will wear, especially if you have a TJ (Rubicon and non-Rubicon) and you refitted it with 35” or more tires, and then hit the trails. If your axle is a Dana series (in particular a 35C), and you put larger tires on it, then went off-road, bending is most likely occurring. Most axle reinforcement kits come standard with all you need to protect, them, including, carrier bearings, axle shafts, axle bearings, studs and shims. Stress on the axles can cause your tires to tilt inward at the top, and causes gaps to happen between the ball joints. Avoid this altogether by installing components designed to strengthen the axles. Kits such as the RT Off-Road Performance Axle Kit for Dana 35, the Tuffy Extra Mounting Sleeves, or the Dana 44 Axle Inner C Gusset Kit can increase the strength by at least 30 percent.

Installing the off-road performance axle kits will not only increase the endurance, but your axles will be able to stand up to harsh off-road conditions better than the axles that came factory installed. When upgrading your axle strength, or replacing one, you’ll need to make certain that you are getting the right axle kit and parts for your model, as they are not universal.
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