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The burning stench of an overheating motor is a terrifying prospect for any motorist to experience, and one that many off-roaders know all too well. The steep inclines and high revs required to get through many trails have been a death sentence for far too many engines over the years. The most tragic thing about this is that it’s entirely preventable.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your Jeep never suffers from overheating is to install an auxiliary cooling fan capable of pumping substantially more cooling air over the motor and the radiator than the factory fan ever could. This is important because warding off the heat produced by the motor will do everything from preventing warping and cracking of the engine block to stopping potential damage to the engine’s internal moving parts. This is especially important if you have a high-power addition like a supercharger.

Another way to prevent this damage is to improve upon the fluid aspect of the cooling system by upgrading the water pump. Water pumps, named for a time when radiators were only filled with water, rather than the much more effective coolant used today, work by cycling the hot coolant from the engine, passing it through the radiator to cool in the air of the cooling fan, and then moving the cooler fluid back through the engine again. Factory water pumps are mainly designed for effective use on the highways on which most drivers will be journeying, not for heavy off-road use, which will see varying ranges of pitch and heavier throttle expectations.

Whether you wish to upgrade your cooling systems or are only seeking to replace an OEM-style part which served you well, Morris 4x4 has you covered. Look for yourself and see all of your cooling needs answered with our wide range of parts solutions.
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