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Drive Belts & Pulleys

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Drive Belts & Pulleys

Your 4x4 is run by a series of small explosions created by igniting the fuel within the pistons in order to turn the driveshaft and bring power to the wheels. However, a significant portion of this power also goes to a series of belts and pulleys attached to the engine to bring power to other necessary aspects of your vehicle.

Your power steering, your alternator, your air conditioning, your cooling fan; all of these are components of your vehicle which rely on power from the engine in order to function. In many vehicles, particularly older models, these are all run by different belts and pulleys. The benefit of this design is that even if one belt breaks, such as the A/C belt, the others will continue to function without a problem.

In most modern vehicles these components are all driven by one belt known as the serpentine belt, so called because of the way it snakes around every pulley attached to the engine. When this belt fails, every system it is connected to ceases to function.

As important as the belts are, they are, of course, only half the system making up a belt and pulley. The pulley itself must be able to turn freely and also be strong enough to withstand the tremendous force of the rapidly spinning belt.

Naturally, these moving parts are subject to substantial wear and tear. Keeping an eye on your belts and replacing them when they begin to show their age is the most effective way to ensure you don’t find your Jeep dead on the trail. When the time comes to replace these belts or to swap out a worn-out pulley or vibration damper, Morris 4x4 is ready to meet your needs with top parts from MOPAR, Crown, and Omix.
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