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Driveshafts & Components

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Driveshafts & Components

In order to send power to your wheels, your engine must first transfer that power through the clutch or torque converter into the transmission, which then prepares that power to be delivered in the most efficient way possible to your Jeep’s tuned-up differential, which splits the power between the axles and sends it to the wheels to rocket you up the dusty trail. However, between the transmission and the differential is a very crucial part, without which you would be dead in the water: the driveshaft.

Essentially an elongated gear connecting the transmission and the differential, the driveshaft is a crucial part that must be strong enough to withstand consistent torque and speed, nonstop, for as long as you need to be on the road, while also being light enough not to bog you down on power. While they can come in many lengths and configurations to suit your individual vehicle, those two points are generally what they all have in common. Where they can differ, though, is the materials and tensile strength with which they are made. No matter what 4x4 you prefer to drive, not one of them left the factory with heavy-duty off-roading on the minds of the engineers. This means that right out of the gate, those factory driveshafts are a liability for your wilderness weekends.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Morris 4x4 Center has a substantial lineup of rugged driveshafts specifically suited to fit either a factory suspension or a trail-worthy lift kit, with heavy-duty installation components perfectly made for your Jeep. What’s more, Morris knows that strengthening your drivetrain is an immediate priority for the rough roads ahead; that’s why we’ve partnered with Affirm to bring you affordable payment options to take charge and to make the improvements you, and your rig, deserve.
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