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Electronics. They’ve been a part of the automotive world practically since day one. While their influence started small—a battery for ignition, a vacuum tube radio, flickering headlights—they now have branched out to reach into and control nearly every aspect of modern vehicles. Your engine driven by explosions of fossil fuel? Run by an electronic control unit. That beefed-up transmission constructed of a complex cycle of oiled gears? Monitored and controlled by a transmission control unit. For more proof of this, take a look at your wiring harness sometime; the average vehicle holds 55 pounds of copper wiring, and even a bare-bones no frills muscle car or trail runner has at least a 10-pound wiring harness.

The point? You can’t get away from the complex electronics in vehicles, as the sheer number of systems used will only increase with the passing of time. While this may disappoint some purists, there are more upsides than downsides to this. Just like engines, transmissions, brakes, axles, and every other mechanical part, the electronics installed in vehicles are becoming more and more sophisticated with each generation of the vehicle. This means they will run more smoothly, offer a more pleasurable driving experience, and generally outshine their predecessors. What does this mean for the off-road enthusiast? It means you can upgrade your Jeep’s electronics, as well as its mechanical components, to become the most trail-ready rig it can be.

An upgraded distributer will give you a stronger spark and an engine that runs more smoothly. A new alternator will charge your battery more efficiently as you tear down the trail. If you really want to get serious, you can even install a touchscreen control board for a wide array of add-on electronics and dazzling trail lighting to raise your Jeep to a whole new level. Morris 4x4 has all this and more, offering aftermarket and OEM parts to keep you and your Jeep moving forward.
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