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When you ignite fuel in an open space, all you get is a blast of warm air and a bright flame. However, when you combine that fuel with a healthy ratio of oxygen and ignite it in an enclosed space, you get a contained explosion. Those are the principles at work in every internal combustion engine, and with these simple physics at work your 4x4 can haul thousands of pounds of metal up steep inclines and through rugged ravines.

Despite the simplicity of the science that forms the basis of an internal combustion engine, the internal mechanisms of these machines are anything but simple. It all starts with a cylinder made of strong and dense metal that can contain a powerful explosion, usually iron or aluminum. Within this cylinder is a piston that acts like a plunger, forming a tight fit to minimize potential loss of explosive energy. The cylinder also contains two valves, one that allows a precise mixture of air and fuel into the cylinder, and one that allows exhaust gasses to escape. When the air/fuel mix enters the cylinder, a spark plug at the top of the chamber ignites these gases, forcing the piston downwards on a pivot that turns the crankshaft to begin the process of sending rotational energy to the wheels. The more cylinders an engine has, the more power can be sent to the crankshaft at any one time, which is why engines generally become more powerful as more cylinders are added.

With all of these moving parts, coupled with the tremendous forces to which they are subjected, it’s important to stay on top of maintenance for your engine. New ignition components, such as spark plugs and wires, will keep your engine’s burn at peak efficiency, as will a clean air filter. For these components and more, take a look at our extensive selection of tune up kits for any Jeep configuration. Less worried about your engine’s prowess and more worried about the shock of trail ruts rattling it loose from the engine bay? Morris also has top-of-the-line motor mounts specifically made to prevent that from happening on even the most punishing roads.
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