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A byproduct of any burning of fuel is some form of exhaust. The burning of fossil fuels is no different, which is why the powerful Jeep engine in your offroad rig boasts such an extensive system for getting rid of this exhaust effectively.

Starting at the engine block itself, your Jeep’s exhaust system begins with a series of pipes called the exhaust manifold, or header, which is connected to the outlet of each cylinder to allow the explosive gasses to escape once they’ve compressed the pistons. The exhaust gas then passes through the catalytic converter, which contains a collection of ceramic and precious metal filters which react to superheat the exhaust gasses and chemically alter the majority of this gas into less harmful forms like nitrogen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. From there, the exhaust travels through a long resonator pipe that feeds into one or more mufflers, at which point these aptly-named components muffle the sounds of the roaring motor as they travel through the pipes. Finally, the exhaust escapes from the tailpipe.

One of the most popular ways to add power and a touch of personal flair to your Jeep is to upgrade one or more of its exhaust components. Bigger headers and pipes reduce the backpressure created by the exhaust, giving your engine a healthy boost in available power. A performance muffler can enhance your rig’s sound, elevating it to a menacing growl. Morris 4x4 has all the exhaust parts you’ll ever need, with custom fits for your 4x4 that will make installation a snap. Choose from a variety of top-end performance parts from the best manufacturers in the business to bring new life to your trail ride and become the envy of everyone who hears you crank that engine.
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