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Fluids & Additives

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Fluids & Additives

Whether used for lubrication, keeping moving parts cool, or providing for pressure in hydraulic systems, automotive fluids play an important role in keeping your Jeep moving forward. Knowing which fluids to use and how to apply them is one of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your favorite off-road rig.

Lubricants: Fluids that fall in this range are the most prolific. Their purpose is to reduce friction between moving parts, therefore reducing wear and heat to prolong the life of the parts. One of the most important lubricants to consider is motor oil, which must be replaced periodically due to the degradation of its viscosity over time and mileage logged. Other important lubricants include, among others, gear and axle oil, as well as grease for your Jeep’s hubs and wheel bearings.

Coolant: Coolant pumps through the radiator and parts of the motor in order to keep it from overheating. A couple of signs that this fluid may need refilling or replacing is if your Jeep’s temperature gauge starts to climb when idling or if you notice that your once dependable A/C and heater are beginning to give you headaches.

Hydraulic fluid: These fluids are used to create pressure within a closed system in order to help a specific automotive part function properly. Examples would be brake fluid, power steering fluid, and clutch fluid. When these fluids run low, the parts will not function as well as they should, and could fail at any time. Staying on top of fluid levels and replacing leaky parts or seals as they occur is one of the most important steps you can take to prolong your Jeep’s off-roading life.

Morris 4x4 knows how to keep your Jeep’s systems functioning smoothly and offers the best automotive fluids to get the job done well. While all of Morris’ fluids are top-shelf, not every fluid can serve every job; check your manual or repair guide before purchasing.
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