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Hub & Bearings

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Hub & Bearings

Your powerful Jeep engine and rugged transmission for off-road pursuits are undoubtedly important parts of your Jeep’s construction, but without the wheels these components would be all but useless. Your wheels allow the rotational power of the motor to be transferred to the trail, and in order to do that they must be able to spin freely. This is where your Jeep’s hubs and wheel bearings make their stand.

Extremely durable and rugged parts, your hub and wheel bearings exist for one reason: to keep you moving. A perfect hub and bearing system, without brakes, would have almost no friction and almost nothing to stop it; they are designed with maximum efficiency in mind. How it works is fairly simple. The hub is the main rotating part of the wheel, which the rim bolts onto. Within the hub itself is the wheel bearing, which can take on many forms, depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle. This is arguably the most important part of the whole system because you’ll know fairly quickly if it begins to fail. Audible squealing, vibrations, and a lessened sense of control are all symptoms of a failed wheel bearing.

For the purposes of maintaining a rugged Jeep, adding a locking hub system may be in your wheelhouse. When installed, locking hubs allow the front wheels to be completely disconnected from the drivetrain, making driving on pavement more manageable in a Jeep that’s been rebuilt from the ground up for driving off the road. Morris 4x4 Center has one of the most extensive collections of lockout hubs out there, with parts built for every Jeep model on the road today. With financing available from Affirm, stop putting off building the Jeep of your dreams and let Morris help you perfect your connection to the trail today.
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