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Manual Transmission

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Manual Transmission

Manual transmission parts can make all the difference to your Jeep’s performance. Adding a few new parts can take your Jeep excursions to new heights.

Manual-drive Jeeps are enjoyable to drive because the transmission offers the driver control over shifting and adjusting the rate of speed. The transmission for any vehicle operates as a transferring agent that shifts engine power to the wheels and the driveshaft. Gears housed within the transmission regulate the speed in the drive-wheel in direct proportion to the engine speed and torque. Power and torque are converted into forward momentum using this assembly. In manual transmissions, the decision for when to utilize this power is up to the driver.

Using top performing transmission assemblies can increase drive-wheel speed, as well as amping the torque to maximize performance and handling. Transmission parts can be used to rebuild the engine if it is faltering, or it can replace an engine that has seen better days. Other transmission parts, from gearshift boots to rebuild kits offer DIYers the chance to bring their Jeep back into factory performance standards…or better. Installing the right transmission assembly can breathe new life into a vehicle, and extend its use for many more miles and years.

One of the key components to an elegantly shifting machine is to make sure the synchronizer is always kept in prime condition. Shifter plates, blocking rings, and even the outer sleeves can become old and worn. Keeping these replaced can make an instant difference in a powerful engine and one that offers lackluster performance on ordinary roads. Aftermarket parts, especially heavy duty or heat resistant parts, will allow drivers to move beyond casual driving and engage in the rough and tumble that Jeeps are known for, including mudding, rock crawling, and off-road excursions. Parts matter.
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