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Superchargers, Turbochargers & Intercoolers

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Superchargers, Turbochargers & Intercoolers

Intercoolers draw heat away from the air coming off the supercharger prior to it entering into the induction system in the engine. Working much like a radiator does, the air is cooled by the louvres, plates, bars, and fins located inside the intercooler. The air coming off this is much cooler than the compressed air from the supercharger. The lower the temperature, the denser and more oxygenated the air, which allows your engine to create torque. In short, this equals power.

Installing an intercooler and supercharger together will significantly improve the performance of your Jeep by keeping it cooler and supplying more oxygen to the engine. The trail-crushing potential of the Jeep Wrangler definitely ups its game with this slight modification. Drivers considering a turbocharger should consider a supercharger, instead, because with Wranglers, turbos will generate under-hood heat which can slow you down. Superchargers don’t have this issue, and the belt-drive system makes the throttle super responsive. Add in an aftermarket performance exhaust for even better performance, and you’ll be amazed at the gains.

JK Wranglers, as well as TJ Wranglers, especially benefit from this modification and can take your tame drive to mountain shredding capabilities especially when using heavy duty parts made specifically for Jeeps. Superchargers, such as the Edelbrock E-Force, or the RIPP Supercharger Kit, designed for Jeeps can come in different sizes and shapes, and depending on what you want your Jeep to be able to accomplish, installing the right one is key. The power that you will need for high performance on the roadways is different from the type of power you are going to need when rock crawling. More oxygen, more power, means you and your ride taking rocks, steep inclines, and rough terrain like a pro.
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