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Transfer Case & Parts

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Transfer Case & Parts

Your engine provides the power. The heavy-duty driveshafts transfer that power to the differentials, which then send that power to the wheels. That’s not all, though. In a four-wheel drive there is another component known as the transfer case.

The transfer case is responsible for taking the power from the transmission’s output shaft and splitting it up to send this power to the front and rear differentials. It serves the important purpose of synchronizing the rotation of the front and rear wheels to keep your Jeep moving efficiently and safely. How the transfer case does this is different in every vehicle, but generally it is done with hydraulics, gears, or a chain drive. In a typical 4x4, the functioning of the transfer case is controlled entirely by the driver via a separate stick shift or a button switch that turns the four-wheel-drive functionality one and off and gives it either high or low power, depending on the conditions the driver is faced with. Transfer cases specifically designed for off-road use will also likely have the ability to lock the front and rear axles so that the wheels can all spin at the same rate, regardless of friction, which makes it much easier to get out of mud and slippery terrain.

Seeing as it plays such an important role in off-road functionality, the transfer case is often an area of interest for potential modifications and upgrades. If you want to improve the functionality of your Jeep’s four wheel drive, an overhaul of the existing system, rather than a complete replacement, is often all you need. Morris 4x4 has a variety of transfer case parts and systems to make working on your Jeep easy and fun, and with everything from gasket and seal replacements to rugged performance stick shifts, you’re sure to find something you like.
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