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Armor & Protection -Rugged Ridge

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Armor & Protection -Rugged Ridge

As rugged as Jeeps are, most models do not have the armor and protection to help against being pounded into rocks, trees, or bogged in the mud. Adding an additional layer of protection, allows the versatility that rock crawling, trail blazing owners have come to expect from their Jeep. And they make your Jeep look ruggedly impressive.

If you are planning to pack up and go off-road with your Jeep, then consider adding some additional armor and protection modifications to your body components and driveline. Installing high quality armor and protection mods can protect the driveline and body from off-road vulnerabilities, which can make a trip into the outdoors fun, not frustrating. Protection for your Jeep can include the Smittybilt XRC rock sliders made out of steel, reinforced skid plates to protect oil pans (Crown Transportation makes a good one), steering box plates, armor for your gas tank, or your transmission. Keep trail damage to your Jeep to a minimum this season with easy to install protection parts.

Armor Mods are some of the easiest modifications to make to your Jeep, not only because they are affordable, but they can be installed in a few hours’ time. Secondly, adding protection to your Jeep allows you to fully customize the look of your ride, to make it stand out on the street, and on the trails. If you plan to hit the trails often, then adding a layer of ruggedness and style to your Jeep can actually save you money in repairs to important components down the road. Many of the newer Rubicon models come standard with some of the off-road protection to begin with, but as with most things, you can never really have too much armor, and upgrading to higher quality material is key.
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