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Body & Frame

Your Jeep’s body and frame can take a beating from rust, debris, cracked seals, and road wear. Protecting your Jeep’s body is one of the smartest investments you can make. Some of the most popular upgrades to the body and frame include body mount kits, tailgates, grilles, hoods, and windshield frames. You can transform and improve your Jeep’s durability and longevity while enhancing its appearance with accessories and hardware.

The last thing you want to do is replace body or frame parts with substandard quality aftermarket parts, especially with something as important as your Jeep’s body. Buy something that is on the cheap, then you will end up paying for it later when you have to hire a mechanic to put in the part that you should have put in it from the beginning. Skip the middleman and go for quality replacement body and frame parts; parts that are sourced from companies that base their designs on the OEM specs. This means the look and feel, as well as the compatibility, will be exactly as promised.

One of the beautiful aspects of owning a Jeep is that you are never stuck with the way it looks. There are so many ways to alter the vehicle’s overall appearance, as well as pump up the functionality. Most Jeep body and frames don’t come with a performance package (they are usually an add-on), so most Jeeps when they roll off the lot look pretty much like the next Jeep. This can be changed in an instant with all sorts of body and frame additions, which not only change the appearance, but add durability and range to your ride. Items like fuel doors, tail lights, hinge overlays, fender flares, in chrome, polished finishes, stainless steel, or textured black, all offer increased protection with a customized look.
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