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Cargo & Roof Racks

Roof racks add even more versatility to your Jeep. They are used to protect your Jeep’s top while offering more hauling capacity. Not only can the right roof or cargo rack add functionality, but if you purchase the correct one it can add another layer of customization. There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to decide which roof rack you want to purchase for your Jeep.

First, you need to know what you want the roof rack for. This will determine the type of rack you get as well as the length you will need. Bigger racks are not necessarily always the best racks, because while it may carry more gear, it also takes up more roof space, and provides that much more drag when you are driving down the road. Just like Goldilocks discovered, you need something that is just right.

The Warrior Platform Roof rack is designed to carry bikes, kayaks, surfboards, or almost any type of recreational toy you would care to haul. However, Smittybilt and Kargo Master offer excellent choices as well. You will need to determine which brand you want based not only on price, but also on your vehicle’s weight limitations and the type of roof that you have. Certain types of racks are built for certain types of tops, so make sure you know which is recommended for your Jeep. Most Jeep racks come in the factory mounted variety, rail-mounted, or a naked roof type.

Roof and cargo racks need specialized fasteners in order to function at 100% capacity. Some roof racks come with their own fit kits, but if not, you can buy them and they are fairly easy to install. These roof rack fit kits fasten to the foot packs on the roof of your Jeep. The foot packs are the four “feet” that act as attachment points for the roof rack’s crossbars. Lastly, you will need lock cylinders which give you the security against theft. Cargo and roof racks can take your Jeep to a whole new level, and installation is generally easy if you have all the tools and parts ahead of time.
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