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Doors serve many functions in vehicles, and in a Jeep, that function depends on what you want the Jeep to be able to do. Since Jeeps rolled out of the factory before WWII, they have been modified in some way shape or form, including the doors. Doors on a Jeep can be removed, split in half, tinted, replaced with all sorts of materials, and can be interchanged depending on the season and your whims.

Jeeps make wonderful off-road partners even if you don’t modify anything, but there are mods that can benefit an off-road driver, including removing the top as well as the doors. For one thing, Jeep doors are heavy. They each way about 50 pounds. Taking that weight off, especially when hitting the trails buys you fuel economy and increases performance. From a practical standpoint, it gives you a better line of sight so you can see what is up ahead of you.

Before considering a door modification, consider the safety implications. Jeep doors should only be removed for off road use and during recreational pursuits. When using the Jeep for everyday driving, then the doors should be put back on. Most Jeep owners at some point switch out the stock doors for something better, like Tubular doors for rock crawling. Or, consider a Jeep JK door slider for less extreme off-roading antics.

Doors on Jeeps can instantly change the look of your vehicle, too. Full doors can protect you from rocks that are kicked up, keep the hot sun off of you, and make sure that in wet weather, you stay dry. Tubular doors give you a way to see better when you are in an off road situation. They give a very open view of the terrain around you. Half doors are extremely popular because they let you experience Jeep doors in several different configurations. Of all the doors, these have the most style factor and come in a wider range of designs than other types. They are relatively affordable so you can easily change the doors between the tubular door and the half. Many Jeep owners opt to use their full door options during the seasons where more protection is needed, and go with no door or half doors during the rest of the year. If you’re looking for a way to bump the style factor on your Jeep, this is the element to consider.
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