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Hard Tops

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Hard Tops

Jeep hard tops offer you a lot of versatility, not only in style, but also function. The more you become involved with Jeep, and Jeep mods, the more you’ll see just how versatile they are. Hard tops are great to put on your Jeep when the weather turns bad. There’s nothing worse than having the weather go south on you and ruining your interior. Jeep owners have the ability to switch out their hard tops with soft tops, and vice versa, to suit the season.

There are two types of tops that you can install and purchase without too much trouble: hard tops and soft tops. Hard tops are made of more durable materials, and they are heavier duty. The better hard tops also offer better protection from the elements as well as insulation, and they make it easier to see out of the back. And of course, they are significantly more quiet than soft tops. Some even come with rear defrosters and wipers. If you have a soft top and want to switch out to a hard top, it is easier to do than you might think. Industrious manufacturers have developed specialized, inexpensive hoists and lifts that can help you to change out the tops seasonally in less than an hour.

If you just want to replace your Jeep top, moving from a soft to a hard top, then between the two, the hard top will offer you less need for monthly maintenance. With the right kind of care, your hard top will last as long as your Jeep (or longer!). Hard tops, such as the Rally Tops Hardtop, also offer a quieter ride when you are driving on normal roadways, and offer more in the way of security as hard tops are harder to vandalize than soft tops. The plus with hard tops is that if you ever plan to sell your Jeep (and buy another one!), the hard tops tend to hold their value well.
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