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Lights on Jeeps are one of the easiest items to change out and modify. Lights, in essence, are there to not only light up the roadways, and pathways, while you are driving, but they can also add style to that function. There are many conditions where you are going to find that you could have used more light. If you live away from the city, or often end up outside of the city, then having that extra lighting in order to avoid deer and the occasional Sasquatch will come in handy. Extreme weather conditions can also make it difficult to see, and adding additional lighting can make the difference both on the road and off. Lights on Jeeps are a big part of how they are used, what they are used for, and ultimately, how you also want to customize your ride.

There are two types of Jeep lights: fog lights and driving lights. Fog lights, such as the Baja series, are usually mounted right at or below the bumper, just about the same height of your headlights. They are placed low so that they can penetrate the fog and other floating debris (like dust and dirt) at the front of the vehicle, making it easier for you to see the road. The beam pattern with these lights shines down for short distance, and wide on the sides. The position of this type of light keeps it from shining back up into your face while you are driving. Driving lights can come in several types, such as the lights that mount on a fender, or the light bar that affixes over your rear window. Some winches, such as the Smittybilt M-1, have lights built into them. Driving lights are for seeing at a distance (like your high beams), but they are dispersed forward in a rectangular pattern, and are mounted at the same height as your factory installed headlights. The best scenario is to use the driving lights along with the high beams for maximum visibility.
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