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Getting stuck, and then engaging in the recovery effort, is sometimes half the fun of going off-road with a Jeep. If you don’t have the right equipment, though, the fun can end up feeling more like work. Having working recovery equipment means that the fun never has to end, and in the event you, or a buddy, are in a tight spot and need recovery, then you’ll have everyone covered. Recovery equipment most often includes air compressors, d rings, winches, jacks, and traction mounts.

Recovery air compressors have gone miniature and you can actually get one to store in your Jeep. These little compressors, like the ARB On-Board High Performance Compressor, can inflate a 35 inch tire in minutes, and the best thing about the small compressors is that most of them run on 12 volts. Some compressors are meant for specific types of Jeeps, so make sure that the compressor you get for your recovery kit is optimized for your Jeep.

If you are going to be off-roading a lot, then you have to get a D ring for when you will, inevitably, get stuck. Recovery D rings can be mounted on any Jeep frame as long as the surface is flat. Many of the Jeeps come with pre-drilled holes for the addition of the D ring, making installation for this recovery item, easy. Jacks are a necessity as well if you are going off road. Recovery jacks for Jeeps, like the Hi-Lift Jack X-Treme, make getting out of tough situations a breeze. For assisting with those recovery situations where you just need a little more traction, there are traction mounts or boards. These are boards that have a surface that is grippy and is usually made of something lightweight like aluminum or nylon. The mounts offer the same type of recovery options, but affix to the tires.

The mother of all recovery equipment is the winch. If you don’t have a winch and you plan to go off road, then you are planning to get stuck, or rolled. No matter how powerful your Jeep is, you are going to get into a situation where you won’t be able to get out without some help. And if you are off-road, you can’t simply call AAA for a tow truck. Wrangler winches, like the Smittybilt series, or the Warn winch series, can attach to a stable surface and used to pull you out of a tight situation. Most of these recovery winches are waterproof, trouble free, and many of them come with wireless controllers.
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