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Rocker Guards & Sliders

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Rocker Guards & Sliders

Rockers, located on the lower flank of your Jeep near the wheels, can be one of the most vulnerable parts on a Jeep. Rocks, debris, or tree roots can all take out your paint job, too. Damage to the rocker panel can prevent the door from working right. The easiest way, and often the most inexpensive way, to protect this area is to get some rocker armor on there. There are numerous types of rocker guards and sliders, and while there is often hot debate on the Jeep forums in regarding which is better, if you can afford to put both on, go for it. Most are easy to install and use a miniscule amount of fasteners to get them installed.

There’s no more helpless feeling than to be flipped on your side while off-roading. Like a bug on its back, you are righteously stuck. What can make that worse is if you haven’t taken the time to install a rocker guard or slider, because on your side the weight is resting right on those panels. And, the rocker guards that often come installed from the factory on Rubicons will only protect the rocker if the impact isn’t significant. Take a hard enough hit and damage will occur to the rocker since the force is transferred from the guard to the rocker. That’s where an upgraded rocker guard, or the addition of a slider can mean the difference between massive body work having to be done, and just a little dust on the sides that can be hosed off. Opt for the frame mounted sliders, such as the Fishbone Rock Sliders, because they will keep all the impact off the Jeep body and on the frame, which is the strongest part. Rocker guards and sliders should be one of the first must-haves for any off road Jeep modification.
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