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Side Steps, Nerf Bars, Running Boards

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Side Steps, Nerf Bars, Running Boards

Side steps, nerf bars and running boards are just a few of the ways to make getting into, and out of, your Jeep easier. But, not all of these could, or should, be used on your Jeep. Determining which type of step up is best for you and your Jeep’s function is critical. Nerf bars are not actually made by the Nerf company and they are not made of spongy material. They are bars that run along the side of the Jeep and offer you a place to step up. If you plan to lift your Jeep, this might be something you’d need to consider, otherwise you might pull a muscle getting into your ride.

Running boards offer the same type of service, in that they offer you a step up into the Jeep. Most running boards don’t offer as many choices, stylistically speaking, but if you are looking to bump up your off road look, then you can fit your Jeep with these. Many of these come with non-skid surfaces so that even in wet weather you won’t slip getting into the vehicle.

Side steps come in a variety of styles, but many Jeep owners who don’t want to go with the full blown nerf bars or running boards, or who have already installed sliders or rockers, may want to opt for the side step that hides away, folding up when it is not in use. This allows you to go off-roading and not have to worry about ripping a step off. One of the best advantages to these hideaway side steps, and M.O.R.E makes a good lineup of these, is that you can put them anywhere, even on the back so that you can reach the top of the Jeep. The same concept applies to the hoop side steps that fold up and own and look like a stirrup.
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