Here are 10 Trektop Pro questions – answered.

What is the Trektop Pro? Bestop Trektop Pro Soft Top is the most versatile Soft Tops on the market today. The new hybrid Soft Top offers a lot of different setups and configurations. Whether it is a hot summer day or a snowy night, the Trektop Pro Soft Top is truly a top for all seasons.

10 Trektop Pro Questions – Answered

1. What is Twill Fabric?

Twill refers to the pattern weave of the fabric material. Twill fabrics typically have a vertical and horizontal thread, which creates an interlocking diagonal pattern that is both creasing and wrinkling resistant. Twill fabric is a durable material, and it is suited to combat fatigue by everyday wear and tear. However, Jeeps are not the only ones that get Twill material on their tops. Some higher end luxury and sports cars, such as BMW and Rolls-Royce can have Twill material as well.

Do you have any close up (hi-def) images showing the thread of the twill? 

Bestop Twill Fabric

2. Are the side and rear glasses tinted on the Trektop Pro?

Yes, the rear and side glass windows of the Trektop Pro are 31% tinted on a tempered safety glass, to give you shade on a hot summer day, and the defroster/wiper options give you a very clear rear window on a rainy night. The glass flips up quickly using gas struts so you can easily access the back of your Jeep and eliminates the need for zippers!

Trektop Pro Tinted Glass


3. How does the rear window secure and lock?

Similar to a hardtop, the tailgate door holds the window in place and secures it closed. With that said, the tailgate door must be open for the glass to lift. The great part about the window is that you can remove it quickly and store it in the cargo area with a Bestop portfolio bag!

Trektop Pro Rear Windows


4. Can I still remove the rear window if I add the wiper and defroster?

Yes, this would just require removing the two defroster wires from the window and unplugging the wiper wiring.

Bestop Trektop Pro Removed Rear Window


5. Can the side windows be taken off from the outside? What secures them?

On a Trektop Pro from Bestop, the side windows have a rocker latch feature on the inside to lock them closed. Both windows are on a track that has a solid frame. The main reason for the latch is to make sure the window is secure while driving. The window panels themselves are designed to be removed from the outside, so it is possible a determined thief could get in by removing them.

Bestop Trektop Pro Windows Tinted

6. Can you bring the Trektop Pro through a Car Wash?

Because you may not know what kind of detergents and soap the car wash might be using, it might not be the best way to go. You can do it, and many owners do. However, there are special cleaners and chemicals to keep your soft top looking good and to protect it so it will last many years. Such as Bestops Twill Protectant. Cleaning a top with the wrong type of cleaners may ruin the top altogether.

Bestop Twill Cleaner



7. Is everything included for installation?

Yes, the Trektop Pro top includes all that you need to install the new soft top. It does not contain the wiper harness or the rear window defroster, but that is an option sold separately.

Trektop Pro Wiper Motor Assembly

8. How hard is it to remove the top fabric completely? 

We have several customers who say removing the canvas on a Trektop Pro is a simple process, but others say it is not so simple. Bestop does carry other soft tops that are much easier to go completely topless in, such as the Twill Supertop NX.  The Trektop Pro does have the Sunrider option, and it is perfect to give you fresh air instantly, without removing the whole top. 

Trektop Pro Topless

9. Are the bows visible when you use the Sunrider feature? 

The first and second bow are visible with the Sunrider folded back (Only the first bow is visible for the 2-door). However, that just means more fresh air not only for the front driver and guest; it means your passengers in the rear seat also get some. Why not make everyone comfortable? That is an extra feature on this top.

This is a Quadratec image. Do you have a similar image in this angle showing the bows?

Bestop Trektop Pro Sunrider

10. I purchased this top without the defrost option – can I still install it?

Yes, it is not too late! If you wanted to connect both the defroster and the rear wiper motor assembly (on a Wrangler that didn’t have a hardtop from the factory), you could use Bestop part 54858-01.

If your Wrangler did not have a hard top from the factory, and you want to connect the rear defroster, you could use the Bestop part 54857-01. (if you had a factory hardtop, then you only need to connect the Bestop Trektop Pro harness into the factory Jeep harness – no extra harnesses are required).

Trektop Pro Defroster

Those were the 10 Trektop Pro Questions – Answered but feel free to contact us anytime if you are uncertain if it has the features that you are looking for in a Soft Top.