25 Gifts Under $25 For the Holidays

Looking for a Jeep gift on a budget? Fear not, because we have a list of 25 fun Jeep accessories and gifts under $25 for the Jeep lover(s) on your list. From stocking stuffers, to trail tools, apparel, everyday items and miscellaneous knick-knacks, we’re sure you’ll find something within your budget (great for you) that they will love (great for you both!).


One of the easiest gifts to get a Jeep loving off-roader is something they can wear. Simultaneously getting comfy and representing their love of Jeep (and sometimes Retailers like Morris 4x4 Center) is a Jeeper’s pastime. Try a:

  1. Classic Jeep shirt
  2. Hat
  3. Morris 4x4 Center shirt
  4. Beanie for winter time warmth

Beer Jeep Logo Men's T-Shirt, Green - XLarge Jeep Original Patch Cap Green (with Velcro Strap)


 On the Go

Is your giftee (I just made that word up) always out and about, moving and shaking? Get them a gift they can bring along with them! A Jeep keychain is always a neat accessory to have, as well as tumblers for hot/cold drinks, a thermos, beach towel, bottle opener, or koozie.

  1. Key chains
  2. Tumbler              
  3. Thermos             
  4. Beach Towel     
  5. Can Cooler         
  6. Koozie 

Grizzly Grip Can Cooler 12oz - Charcoal Au-TOMOTIVE GOLD Tumbler with MOPAR Logo - Green

At the Office

Even if they’re at work getting business done, they’re love of Jeeps shines through. A coffee mug or business card holder quietly signals to other Jeep lovers that they’re in the presence of and off-roading, mud-loving, rock-crawling weekend warrior. 

  1. Mug      
  2. Business Card Holder     

On the Trail

When they’re on the trail and in need of a helpful tool, they’ll think of you as they’re grabbing the gift you so thoughtfully got them out of the back. Leather gloves are great when working with tow straps, or anything really. A personalized Jeep flag is a fun way to show a sports team or military affiliation, grab handles are a nice personal touch for the Jeep, and a shovel, machete, or saw can always come in handy.

  1. Leather Gloves 
  2. Flag       
  3. Grab Handles    
  4. Tailgate Table cutting board       
  5. Rope Set             
  6. Trifold Shovel   
  7. Trail Machete   
  8. Bug-Out Saw Kit