5 Quality Jeep Soft Top Fabrics Under $500

When your soft top has seen better days, and you are thinking it is just too expensive to replace the whole thing, take a good look at replacing the fabric portion and saving a bundle. Not only that, you get several options on brands and styles. Let’s look at some of the best deals for less than $500.00

Bestop Trektop NX Replace-A-Top

5 Quality Jeep Soft Top Fabrics Under $500

While being easy to install and a starting price of $499.99 the Bestop Trektop NX Replace-A-Top also features removable rear and side windows. While a new top could be the best idea in the middle of winter, come the spring and summer, you will be ready to ditch those windows and enjoy some fresh air after the long, frigid cold months.

It is also available in multiple fabrics (would you expect anything less from Bestop? Of course not!). Including Black Denim, Black Diamond, Black Twill, and even Spice (a brown shade). Tinted windows are included with the top as well.

The Bestop NX Tops fit the JK Wranglers, two and four door models. As well as TJ and TJL Jeeps. It does not use complicated bows or frames (it uses your stock sports bars for support) and has a “fastback” look to it in the rear.

Smittybilt Premium Replacement Canvas Soft Top

5 Quality Jeep Soft Top Fabrics Under $500

If you are looking for a canvas top at the right price, the Smittybilt Premium Replacement Canvas Soft Top is a good way to go, and the starting price is only $449.99! Made for TJ and JK Jeep Wranglers, they have tinted windows and are made from Black Diamond materials.

These are an OEM style replacement, so you will not be reinventing the wheel here. They install like your original soft top and reuse the original hardware for installation. The Smittybilt Premium tops are known for having an exceptional performance against cold weather (though they work all year round of course, regardless of the weather).

Double layer stitching, DOT approved vinyl windows, large high strength zippers, and material that’s 24% thicker than the OEM top. What could be better?

Rampage Sailcloth Frameless Trail Tops

5 Quality Jeep Soft Top Fabrics Under $500

The Rampage Frameless Trail Tops are a great top for your TJ Jeep, your YJ, and even your JK Wrangler and is a great deal with prices from $419.99. As the name says, there’s no complicated frame to install. It uses your factory sport bars for support. The side windows are larger than stock for more visibility. The tops include DOT approved rear and side tinted windows, while some can even be upgraded to sailcloth materials. The trail top can be made into a Safari top simply by unzipping the rear and side windows for more air in your Jeep. (a new tailgate bar and windshield channel are included).

Rugged Ridge Sailcloth XHD Soft Top

5 Quality Jeep Soft Top Fabrics Under $500

Throw a tough Rugged Ridge XHD Sailcloth Soft Top on your Jeep and save some bucks all at the same time. From a starting price of $379.99 Rugged Ridge has the sailcloth replacement top you want to add to your Jeep. The black color is available to match your factory top, with all new tinted rear and side windows.

The Rugged Ridge XHD Sailcloth Soft top uses your factory hardware, so you do not need anything special to install them. They will fit like your original but will be a higher quality, and the sailcloth material will even look better.

RT OffRoad Replacement Soft Top 

5 Quality Jeep Soft Top Fabrics Under $500

The RT Offroad Replacement top includes soft upper door skins and tinted rear windows. It allows you to reuse the factory hardware so that it will fit just like your original soft top but looks a whole lot better and for only $399.99!

The material is Black Diamond. If you have steel lower doors, this is the top you want to use. Make it easy! Moreover, it is a great bargain for your 97-06 Jeep Wrangler.

What a deal, right? There’s no need to put up with a leaky, stretched, torn up top. If your hardware is good, why replace it all? Just replace the top material and save a serious chunk of cash!