Jeep Tents: What You Need to Know

Jeep Tents used to be a novelty item, used more by the military than their civilian counterparts. Not any longer. Today, the Jeep Tents, often referred to as roof top tents (RTT), are extremely popular and allow Jeep owners to take their adventure farther off the beaten track. The tents can be set up quickly, simply folding back down when not in use. Most are lightweight and can be attached to the Jeep in a lot of ways. Depending on what you want it for, you can get a tent that will sleep one or two, or you can opt for the larger variety that will sleep a family and leave room for the family pet. Most who get a Jeep tent only have one concern: why didn’t they get one of these sooner?!

Jeep Rear End Tents

Rightline Gear makes what they call a SUV tent that fits against the rear of the Jeep. It is freestanding, but is left open to the back of the Jeep, allowing you quicker access to your gear. This one is a fairly large tent, is water resistant and has windows. It is a universal fit which means you don’t have to match up Jeep type to parts. It’s just pack it and go. MOPAR also makes a similar type rear end tent, but allows you the option of also disconnecting it from the rear and using it just like you would a regular tent. Rear end tent models sit on the ground like a regular tent.

Jeep Rooftop Tents

Jeep Rooftop tents are a good buy if sleeping on the ground does not appeal to you, or where you are going to be headed doesn’t make it safe to sleep on the ground. ARB Kakadu and the Smittybilt Overlander are two popular models. They fit onto Wranglers’ rooftops and give you a bird’s eye view of the surrounding countryside. One of the best benefits to having a rooftop tent is that you don’t have to worry about finding a clear patch to camp on, or worry about level ground. Simply stop for the night, open it up, and you’re good to go. Roof racks are recommended for rooftop tents to make them uber secure. Most rooftop tents are intended for Wranglers, but that doesn’t stop people from using them on Cherokees and other non-Jeep vehicles.

Jeep Tents with Annexes

If you need space to store gear, then you can also get a Jeep tent that offers a rooftop tent with a lower annex on the ground. This allows you to save space in your tent, and keep important gear out of the elements. The annexes can be attached to the rooftop tent and stored together.

Jeep Awnings

Jeep awnings may be more what you need if you’re just looking for a way to get out of the sun, wind, or rain for a short while. Awnings can be used in addition to Jeep tents, or by themselves. They fit onto the roof rack or luggage carriers. Set up times for awnings are negligible and they are the sort of gear that you can leave packed and ready to go (unless it’s wet, then you should air it out first).