Air compressors may seem like an afterthought item for a Jeep, or any off roader that takes to the trails often. But there are some clear advantages to having one available on board. In most cases, it’s a great backup for times when things go wrong...

Air compressors may seem like an afterthought item for a Jeep, or any off roader that takes to the trails often. But there are some clear advantages to having one available on board. In most cases, it’s a great backup for times when things go wrong.

For instance, you may need to air up a tire that went flat, after you’ve plugged the tire and repaired it. You may need to use an air tool to do an onsite repair of some kind. Maybe you need some compressed air to dry off the engine or yourself after a wet creek crossing.

On Jeeps and trucks with air locker differentials, you need a compressor to activate them and make use of their abilities. When camping, you can use a compressor to air up inflatables at the lake or beach. For off-roaders who need to deflate their tires some to navigate trails and terrain, the onboard compressor allows you to inflate the tires back to a safer tire pressure for the drive home.

One of the leaders for air compressors for your truck or Jeep has been ARB. They offer a variety of compressors to fit your needs, rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

ARB CKSA12 Air Locker Compressor

The ARB CKSA12 is specific to activating air lockers on your vehicle. It puts out more than enough air to run the lockers, but you wouldn’t use it to air up a tire or anything strenuous. It has an integrated air locker manifold, with some nice cooling fins. It doesn’t run continuously, only in short quick bursts to work the air lockers, so it’s also fairly quiet. The ARB CKSA12 includes mounting brackets and can be mounted almost anywhere, in any position. ARB includes a wiring harness complete with relays for an easy installation.

ARB CKMA12 High Output Onboard Compressor

The ARB CKMA12 is a performance air compressor. This can run your air lockers, but it can also air up a tire (up to a 35 inch). It runs on a powerful 50% duty cycle. It puts out about 7 PSI a minute. That may seem slow at first glance, but these ARB compressors are built to last for many years and are extremely durable.

The ARB-CKMA12 compressors are available in both 12 and 24 volts. They also include a complete wiring harness for an easy installation, are fully sealed, and have an air filter that can be cleaned (the filter works down to 4 microns). They use a roller bearing crankshaft inside and anodized piston housing with carbon fiber piston rings.

ARB CKMTA12 Twin Air Compressor

The ARB CKMTA12 Twin Air Compressor is the ultimate and most popular ARB compressor from their lineup. This is the compressor to defeat all others, hands down. With the right ARB accessories, it can be used for air lockers, to air up tires, and even run air tools. It operates at a 100% duty cycle.

It’s full of ARB technical innovations, such as dual fans for cooling. Originally designed for a government contract, ARB has now released this powerful compressor to the public. If, in an extreme rare instance, one compressor was to overheat, it will shut down automatically while the twin compressor runs. This is a safety feature. Of course, once cooled down, the first compressor is ready to fire up again. ARB has designed this feature to protect and give you compressor a long life, even in the most extreme conditions. It's all about the dependability.

The CKMTA12 Twin Air Compressor features an over-pressure safety valve, internal ball bearings, anti-vibration sound deadening mount, and the and PTFE Teflon impregnated carbon fiber piston seals for a long life. It also includes a relocatable splash resistant air filter assembly and a washable sintered bronze air filter element.

ARB CKMTA12 Portable Air Twin Compressor

The ARB-CKMTA12K Portable Air Twin Compressor is basically the same as the one you mount on your Jeep or truck, but it’s available in a portable case. With the included cables, you can hook it up to your vehicle’s battery and you'll have the freedom to air up tires on another vehicle or run your power tools.

The ARB CKMTA12K also features a 1-gallon air tank supply tank and includes an ARB Tire Inflation Kit, an air chuck, and a power switch.

Note that ARB backs all their compressors with a two-year warranty. They really stand behind their products.

ARB Compressor Accessories

The ARB Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit (10000010)

The ARB Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit makes plugging and repairs a snap. This is not one of those cheap China tire plug kits you get that break off in the tire or bend out of whack when you try to ream the hole. This is the best Tire Repair Kit you need to carry. Oversized tires? No problem. The handles are sturdy metal and sized to allow your hands to give them full force.

Of course, it includes the thick tire plugs themselves, some extra tire valve cores, a valve core tool, a tire pressure gauge, and the lubricant for the tools when piercing the tire. All of this is in a handy Safety Orange plastic case. There are two allen tools which allow you to remove the handles for cleaning if needed, or to replace the shanks.

ARB Air Solenoid for Air Lockers ARB 180103

The ARB Replacement Solenoid is a replacement solenoid for ARB Air Locker systems.

ARB Tire Inflation Kit ARB 171302

The ARB Tire Inflation Kit features a unique high-heat tolerant hose for airing up your tires. This is due to the incredible air output from the ARB compressors. The kit includes an air chuck which is dust free, meaning, it has an enclosed internal bearing system to prevent dust and dirt from getting inside.

The ARB Tire Inflation is designed to be used with their air compressor systems.

ARB E-Z Deflator Kit ARB 505

The ARB E-Z Deflator Kit is a unique, patented design from ARB. The E-Z deflator allows for easy removal of the valve core for a rapid tire deflation. At the same time, it provides an accurate pressure reading with the simple movement of a sliding valve and a gauge.

It’s made from brass/bronze components, and the gauge design ensures accuracy, which is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or altitude. ARB includes a Safety Orange protective canvas pouch to keep your gauge working like new for many years.

Clearly, ARB has you covered. They offer several air compressor choices to fit your style and needs. Best of all, you’re getting the high quality you can depend on out on the trails when you need a compressor the most.