ARB refrigerator-freezers are known worldwide as some of the best on the market today. These are not freezers that were made for home use, and then “adapted” for offroad use. They were designed from the ground up, with features that make them perfect for hitting the trails.

With a combination of metal and strong, lightweight modern plastics, the ARB Fridge Freezers are made to be light enough to carry yourself without calling over the entire Jeep crew. But don’t be put off by their somewhat smaller sizes you might be used to seeing with cheap coolers and fridges.

The entire unit has been carefully designed to be portable and ready for the outdoor life.

Depending on the model, some popular features are:

    The top is fully removable and easy to place back on instantly. This is especially useful if you couldn't tilt the cover all the way up because of room limitations.

    The interior has a drain plug, so you can clean the inside. Pop out the plug and wash away, making sure it safe and clean for your food.

    The controls are recessed, rather than sticking out to get broken off or accidently activated.

    Steel handles mean it can be carried easily, and they can also be used to tie down and secure your fridge when traveling.

    Steel is used for the outside cabinet for rugged use, while the insides use lighter materials that also keep your food items cold.

    The main latch is flush with the fridge, so it’s less likely to get broken off, or wear out from too much use.

    The refrigerator-freezers use steel hinges for many years of use.

The ARB Refridgerator Freezers have an interior LED light, which automatically turns on, and then off with the lid closed. You can set the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees, whichever you prefer, and it’s easily seen on the front of the refrigerator's controls.

The Fridge Freezers operate on 12, 24 volt, and 120 volts, making it versatile for whenever and where ever you need it. Because it’s made for off road use, it can operate at extreme angles, even up to 30 degrees, without any ill effects. They have two compartments. One that’s the freezer, and one that’s like a common refrigerator section. The design is well thought out to put every inch of space to good use inside. Feel free to load them up with cold drinks, steaks, and your secret BBQ sauce recipe.

You might be thinking, wow, that's a lot smaller than my old cooler chest. But look at it this way. Your cooler is 2/3 full of just ice. Which doesn't leave much room for actual food or drinks. With an ARB refrigerator, you don't need any ice. You can be out on the lakeside fishing in the middle of nowhere, and your cold drinks will stay cold. (well, you can actually make more ice with a couple of ice trays inside, but there's no real need).

Available in four popular sizes:


ARB also offers accessories such as sliding drawers, to make it easier to reach the larger refrigerators in your Jeep or SUV, without having to remove it completely from the vehicle. Another great item they make is the Remote Monitor, so you can monitor your ARB Refridgerator Freezer up front while in the driver's seat. Also available are ARB Transit Bags to protect your ARB Refridgerator Freezer from dents and scratches.

So ditch wasting money on bags of ice and those cheap coolers that fall apart. Keep your food and drinks polar bear cold with an ARB Refrigerator Freezer - no matter where you trail!