Auto Rust Technicians are probably the only people on Earth who aren't afraid of rust. For the rest of us, though, once your Jeep has a rust issue, thatís just about it for that ride.

Auto Rust Technicians have been making metal components and parts to repair rust damage and keep Jeeps on the trails for decades. They offer replacement parts for Jeep CJs, TJs, and YJs. The parts are CNC cut, bent, and precision welded to exact specifications. The steel is 11 gauge. They are experts at what they do, and they have saved thousands of Jeeps and kept them mobile and ready for new trails.

Safe T Cap

So why throw out a whole Jeep or take it off the road just because of a little rust? Auto Rust makes components to replace rusted sections of your frame and various mounts so you and your family can continue to enjoy your Jeep for many more years. Auto Rust is an American company, and they use quality steel. Their Safe-T-Cap kits are a cost-effective alternative to buying a whole new frame and are designed to repair the specific sections that have rust issues.

Auto Rust Technicians Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What do you suggest as a rust preventer?

Answer: We recommend POR-15. By coating the bare metal parts with this, it can help slow down and prevent the chemical reactions that contribute to rust on metals.

Question: What skills and tools do I need to install your kits?

Answer: You will need a general knowledge of welding and fabricating, and of course, the welding gear to do the work. High mechanical ability is required, as other parts on the vehicle usually have to be removed to do a repair. Understanding of safety when working on vehicles is critical since you're dealing with high temperatures, and how that heat can act on other vehicle parts (rubber, plastics, etc). If in doubt, get help from a qualified source such as a body shop, welding shop, etc. Note: industrial welding shops might not be familiar with automotive welding, which uses much less heat than some factory work.

Question: Do these fit over the existing framework or does it all need cut out?

Answer: You will need to cut out the old rusted sections, and make other cuts to make the new metal parts fit tight and correctly. Here is the instructional PDF for an install that can give you an idea of what's involved.

Question: What type of stick rod would you use for this application?

Answer: We like to use an MIG welder for this, but a 6011 rod would work fine.

Auto Rust makes it easy and safe to solve your rusted frame issues.