Choose the Best Floor Protection for Your Jeep

Compared to other vehicles on the road, Jeeps see more action, which means that the floors also have all manner of water, muck, and dirt tracked onto them. Jeep floor protection comes in a wide range of fit, color, style, but also provide additional functionality. With such a variety of Jeep floor carpets, mats and liners, before you invest in them, you should make a few decisions about what it is you are looking for. Do you simply want something that won’t slide all over the place when you are getting into and out of the Jeep? Or, are you looking for something that is easy to put in and take out, hose off, and go again? If you’re like most Jeep owners, it’s all of the above.

Characteristics of Good Jeep Floor Protection

Floor liners for your Jeep do more than make it look nice. Keeping dirt, mud and other types of debris from the carpet (and under the carpet) means that your vehicle is protected. Unprotected floors can eventually erode, which leaves you with an even bigger maintenance job. Good floor protection for your Jeep should fit your particular model, have a way to remain in place once installed, and provide an easy way to remove for cleaning. Assess how you use your Jeep, then decide whether a Jeep floor carpet, mat, liner, or pan is what you need. Each provides a different function, and all offer floor protection.

Jeep Floor Carpets

Nifty Pro-line offers a nice range of floor carpets for Jeeps. Most Jeep carpet insets install easily, and are pressure-formed to fit your exact Jeep model. Most floor carpet kits have carpet replacements for not just the front and passenger, side, but will also provide rear passenger, and often the cargo area as well. Most are made out of heavy duty nylon which means they can be cleaned fairly well. Of course, deep stains, paint, or oil slicks will leave their mark on these types of surfaces. If you are using your Jeep hard, then you might opt for the floor vinyl covering, or the floor mat, or pan, or liner.

Jeep Floor Liners

The Jeep floor protection you need if you’re going to be tracking a lot of heavy duty mud, dirt, and water into your Jeep is a floor liner. Rugged Ridge makes a great floor liner that is textured with deep treads to keep your shoes out of any water or mud that you track in. Raised edges on most floor liners keeps water from getting to the interior carpeting underneath.

Jeep Floor Mats

Jeep floor mats, depending on the type you purchase, can provide overall protection for your interior carpets. The WeatherTech product line has floor mats that have rigid construction that covers the entire flooring area. Good Jeep floor mats will provide grip and friction underneath to keep it from shifting when you get into and out of the vehicle, while the top part of the mat will have some grip so that it isn’t slick when wet. Most include reservoirs to channel fluid runoff, even while you are driving.