Jeep Side Steps: The Good, The Bad, and the Not-So-Ugly

You want to go off road, but you don’t want to deal with serious damage, right? Jeeps, by their very nature are rugged vehicles, but even they can take a beating when it comes to some serious rough-and-tumble. One of the best ways to protect your Jeep when you go off road is to install side steps. They do a knock-out job of protecting against side impacts, and come in a wide range of features such as non-skid pads, flip-up features, colors, finishes, and sizes. They allow you to inexpensively customize your Jeep too, for that sleek styled look, or that rugged, aggressive edge. Some come in a heavy-duty welded design using a tubular construction, while others are powdercoated and solid construction. To take your Jeep to the next level, you have to put the aftermarket parts where they will do the most good, and one of the best ways to do that is with side steps.

What Are Side steps?

Side steps, as well as running boards and nerf bars for Jeeps make getting into and out of mischief a lot easier. Having said that, though, not all types of side steps will be best for you. You need to decide what function you want them to serve. Side steps can protect your Jeep when you go off road as well as give you a way to get up into a Jeep (especially helpful if you’ve lifted your ride). Some side steps are fixed, while others will flip up and fold out of sight. If you are going off road, and you have installed a sidestep, not as protection, but as a way into your vehicle, then having the ability to tuck it away to keep it from getting ripped off is a very good feature.

Names to Know

There are so many Jeep side steps being produced out there, that it can make your head spin. Having said that, there are some companies that produce side steps for Jeeps that are enjoy great popularity. They are popular for a reason. Smittybilt side steps, as well as Rugged Ridge and Rampage, make a range of side steps for every need and every budget. Best yet, most of these side steps are easy to install into existing factory holes. This is important because you don’t want your side steps vibrating right off your vehicle.

A Beastly Jeep

Face it…looks matter when you are a Jeep owner. Everyone customizes their Jeep, without fail, even if it is as small as changing out the license plate holders or seat covers. One of the most inexpensive ways to customize your Jeep’s look is to add the side steps. Certain side steps can increase the profile of your Jeep so that it commands its fair share of space on the road, or if you want that sleek look, a low-profile set that is electric powered and extends when you open your door, then hides when the door is closed, will command attention as well.