The Rebelle Rally is the first woman’s off road navigation rally raid, held in the U.S.A.
It takes place over a rugged seven day period. The rally is designed to test a driver’s skill at navigation. It incorporates the features of headings, time, distance, and hidden checkpoints. Using the simple tools of a map, compass, and a roadbook.

Bestop Sponsors First Female Rebelle Rally

This year, Bestop, the premiere top maker for soft tops on Jeeps, sponsored two teams in the event. Team HD members Shelby Hall and Amy Lerner, and Team Wild & Free members Holly Freeman & Coralee Lack. Of course, these teams are driving Jeep JK Wranglers, so we can see they already have an edge on the competitors.

The event took place October 13-22, 2016, covering terrain in Nevada and California. The rally is designed for conventional stock vehicles. Race vehicles are not needed, as speed is only one facet of the event. Several classes include a wide variety of off-road vehicles and trucks, so nearly anyone can compete.

As long as your navigation skills are good, any woman can join in and enjoy the event. The course is navigated old school. No GPS, no cell phones, no navigation dash. Just your wits and knowledge. (we suspect a hidden checkpoint would catch anyone who might stray from those rules and run the fun).

The entire journey covers around 2,000 kilometers. Plus, you are in the great outdoors. We imagine camping out, and you can see all the stars you would ever want to see with no light pollution. It must be a spectacular view.

These ladies put their navigation skills to the test. However, most of all, with a top name like Bestop behind them, and the quality Bestop parts on their Jeep, no one can stand in the way for a successful trip over the finish line.